It improve child concentration and perception & Develop attention and ability to focus.

Fun graphics, music, and sound effects.

Final All great game for you and your child.

Salka Games are recommended by moms, parents and experts



This game is great for helping little one's develop attention and the ability to focus, as well as fine motor skills.

Find All gives my toddlers just the right amount of a challenge.

With its bright & fun pictures along with engaging noises,

your toddler will love learning with Find All.

Education with fun and joy




Our vision is to make education fun, enjoyable and the activity that your child looks forward to everyday.




About Salka Games company


We are a small company and we are making early learning fun through our educational games.


Our apps combine educational content with innovative game play,nice looking visuals and amusing sounds.


All educational games are based on the researches of the Center Preschool child development and education. The system covers all the main aspects of the child's mental development and is designed for each age group, where in the game form specific skills and abilities are developed.


We hope that our games will become the good assistant in your child education, help methodically correctly and harmoniously develop the essential skills and abilities and prepare the child for school, and at the same time the education will be great for you and your child.