Education with fun and joy

Educational games for ages 1- 3 years old


This learning game is specially designed for for 1,5 - 3 year old kids, toddlers and preschoolers for children's brain training and development.


β€œA must have for parents!” – Enjoy your free time while your kid plays this amazing animated learning game.

In each game, the kid needs to focus, find and point certain items/insects/birds etc.


When Kid find and point the item it’s disappearing from the screen. Your Child will be very excited to find and tap those items.


With this fun game your child can improve his/her concentration and attention and at the same time will have the wonderful time and much joy.




* Improve child concentration and perception.

* Develop attention and ability to focus

* Visual-active thinking

* Fine motor skills


Fun learning game for 1-3 years old

aimed to develop attention.


Match up animals helps develop visual perception skills, cognitive skills such as categorization, and with parental assistance can also develop language skills, for example, by naming the objects.


The simple drag & drop mechanism also helps to train the fine motor skills of your kid.


There are three different themes:

* Animals that living with or near the people, like cow, dog, cat etc.

* Sea inhabitants, like fish, dolphin, lobster etc.

* Insects, like ant, grasshopper, dragonfly etc.


HOW TO PLAY: Each game board features a central silhouette of one of the images surrounded by 8 nicely illustrated related images. One of the surrounding images matches the central silhouette. The goal of the game is to find the matching image out of the surrounding images and drag it to the center to overlap the central silhouette.



* Develop visual perception skills.

* Develop cognitive skills.

* Fine motor skills.

* Improve spatial awareness.


Shape Matching Puzzle Game for Kids and Toddlers.


It improve child concentration and perception & Develop attention and ability to focus.

Fun graphics, music, and sound effects.

Final All great game for you and your child.


This game is great for helping little one's develop attention and the ability to focus, as well as fine motor skills.

Find All gives my toddlers just the right amount of a challenge.

With its bright & fun pictures along with engaging noises,

your toddler will love learning with Find All.